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Entrepreneur, Speaker,
& Personal Branding Expert

Do you struggle with expressing yourself & value online?

You sometimes worry that you won't say the right words, at the right time. It usually feels hard for you to tell others what you do in a way that's clear and confidently spoken. And when you do speak well of yourself, you question whether you came across as bragging or arrogant.

I have a good feeling that you have so many beautiful ideas running through your head and your thoughts often feel all over the place. You have so many passions and talents that you probably have a difficult time niching down what you want to be known for. You've found your way here because you're finally ready to take your personal brand and passion for helping people more seriously. You have an idea of what you want your brand to look like, but you don't quite know where to start and what to focus on first. And, hopefully you are here because you feel a little overwhelmed.

That's where I come in...

There comes a time when you just need someone to help you navigate all the noise in your head, take ownership of your purpose, and gain clarity on your story - the unique message - that you want to share with the world. You're ready to do the inner-work, brand-work, and get the step-by-step guidance to elevate your personal brand.

How I discovered Personal Branding

When I started this thing, it was less about growing my business, and more about becoming the woman I knew I was born to be. Prior to launching Tye Miles International, five years ago (wow - what a journey it's been getting here **grateful**), I worked within the beauty industry as a hairstylist and salon owner for 16 years, and built a 7-figure revenue producing brand in the process. 


However, while I was financially successful, on a soul-level I knew I was meant to make a deeper impact. I also knew that I was hiding behind my chair, and that it was time to take my passion for helping women more seriously - starting with the woman in the mirror - me. 


Truth be told, for most of my life I didn't feel qualified. While I don't know when this belief was planted, it stayed with me through my childhood, and hung around well into womanhood. I felt like I was an imposter when speaking with prospects and clients - and it showed. I lacked confidence in myself and struggled with feeling "good enough" and "smart enough" to build my dream career as a entrepreneur. And everyday I would question myself.

  • Do I really have what it takes to accomplish my business goals?

  • Am I really capable of making a positive impact in the lives of other women?

  • Will my inexperience and lack of a college degree keep me from building my dream life (to include my business)?

All of these disempowering thoughts were circulating in my head and heart. There was a disconnect between who I was and the woman I needed to, and wanted to become, in order to fulfill my purpose in life. 


Everybody knows that you can't teach someone else how to be successful in something that you haven't experienced success in yourself, right?

Deep down I knew I was the woman capable of empowering other women. And although, I appeared confident and like I had it all together to other people, it only mattered how I felt about myself.

Confidence is transferable, and so is the lack of confidence.

I wasn't confidently communicating my value in a way that resonated with potential clients and my colleagues.

How Personal Branding changed my career and life...

I realized I needed to define myself, as a woman, for myself - not based on past experiences, failures, and the opinions of other people.  And so I did two things immediately. First, I made a vision board of the woman I committed to become (everything from her positive mindset to the midi dresses she wore). Secondly, I made a list of the behaviors that did not serve me and my entrepreneurial vision (like shyness, caring too much about what others think, not speaking up for my needs, not prioritizing my well-being). This would help me to become my best self, I thought. So I started doing the inner-work and taking action aligned with this newly defined woman.

What does this have to do with personal branding, you ask? Well, after gaining clarity on who I was as a woman, I started building a brand around her. I was now able to focus on designing a brand that expressed my true essence, now that I knew it.  I was able show up authentically without shame and finally communicate my value (regardless of my flaws and insecurities), and began creating content for social media and speaking engagements that actually connected with my dream clients.

Overtime, I was able to build engaged audiences, and witness the impact of sharing my story and brilliance with the world.  Slowly but surely, my heart-work and hard work was paying off.  I become a magnet. I was asked to share my expertise and life experiences at conference and events. Instead of chasing clients and opportunities, they came to me. I've been featured as a Sales Hacker's Top Female Sales Practitioner, two years in a row. And even more importantly, my confidence is real and in abundance. I am able to speak about myself with more grace and self-assurance than ever before.

When I first started personal branding, I was doing it for personal growth and to increase my confidence. What I didn't expect to find was the clarity I needed to make a deeper impact by raising my visibility and establishing my credibility as an expert.  Personal branding became my path to discovering my true self, showing up confidently, and profitably. It led to me starting my own coaching practice and helping other women do the same thing.

Today, as a Personal Brand Coach...

I work with aspiring and new women coaches, entrepreneurs, and subject matter experts in various industries. These women know that a lack of clarity and confidence, in some way, is holding them back from getting visible, engineering their credibility, walking more deeply in their unique purpose, and making more money online. 

We all have a unique purpose - superpower. Your gut is telling you to take risks. To take a leap of faith. To take action when no one else is. Some call it being bold - I call it making a real difference with the power of you - your story - your personal brand.

Do you know what your superpower is and how to confidently communicate it to the world? I believe it takes a Personal Brand Coach to help you uncover and convey your unique value in a way that's powerful, authentic, and that gets results.

Unleash your power,


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