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An entrepreneur, speaker, author and God-empowered soul dedicated to my purpose of helping you evolve into the woman you most want to be. 


I’m am truly grateful for the trusted person or path that lead you here.  Glad to have you!

This site is full of inspiration, information and ideas.  I’m always adding more resources, so be sure to visit often.  I truly believe that you will find something that will get you thinking deeply and change your life (literally)!  I invite you to make yourself at home. To get better acquainted, I’d like to suggest (3) things to help you find what you’re looking for so that we can start our exciting journey together.

Read what Robbie has to say:

Because of Tye Miles’ coaching expertise, I was able to take my own personal experience and create a process and program that will help others. Tye has the amazing ability to bring creativity, clarity and simplicity to the complicated. She pushes you out of your comfort zone by holding you accountable to yourself and your vision. She speaks life into your vision and is a relentless midwife in helping you birth your vision. I love that she is so assessable and committed to her clients. Working with her to develop my coaching program was phenomenal experience. I had a concept but lacked organizational structure to completely convey my concept. Tye’s coaching program not only flushed out my concept but uncovered more ideas and helped me develop those into my own coaching program. Not only did I learn about the types of individuals that I want to serve, I also learned more about myself. Thank you so much, Tye. 


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