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Live Your Life Well

Enhance Your Well-being & Success

Are you ready to prioritize your well-being as you build a more fulfilling and meaningful life?

I believe you're ready to embrace a new way of living.


You are ready to align every part of your life with what matters mostyou.

If you've been feeling like you're just going through the motions like you're not where you want to be, or like you're constantly putting the needs of others before your own, you're in the right place. 


From my own experience, I understand how overwhelming it can feel to navigate life’s challenges and uncertainties. I know what is possible when holistic practices and tools are built into daily routines. Living in the present, reducing stress, and cultivating greater self-awareness can make all the difference. Understanding how to overcome patterns holding you back and being crystal clear about what you genuinely want is so incredibly empowering.

To shift from living on autopilot to actively creating the life you want to live through alignment and mindful living.

To wake up each day feeling in control of your life, making choices that align with your values and goals, and fully embracing who you are and the life you get to live your way.

To cultivate more calm and fulfillment in your day-to-day lifestyle, transcending ordinary happiness.

Living mindfully and in alignment with your deepest truths sends a powerful message to yourself and the world:


You are worthy, and you matter.

The coaching services and events offered by Tye Miles and the Women's Well-being Firm focus on three core pillars—emotional well-being, personal transformation, and mindful living—which have helped countless women build the lives they want without sacrificing their health and happiness.

Let's find the right coaching service for your journey! 


It’s not just about finding happiness—it’s about creating a more

fulfilling life perfectly aligned with who you are and supports your overall well-being.


Trust me, it’s worth exploring, and I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

Why Practice Mindful Living?

Embrace the Present Moment

In today's fast-paced world, getting caught up in the hustle and losing sight of what truly matters is easy. Mindful living is about slowing down, embracing the present moment, and connecting deeply with yourself and your surroundings. It's a powerful way to reclaim control over your life, reduce stress, and cultivate a profound sense of inner peace and happiness.

Practice Aligned Living

Mindful living means practicing aligned living, where you honor who you are and where you are in your journey. It allows you to make conscious choices that reflect your true values and goals rather than being driven by external pressures or societal expectations. By being present and intentional, you can create a life that feels good on the inside, not just looks good on the outside.

Realize Your Fullest Potential

At the Women's Well-being Firm, we believe mindful living is the key to realizing your fullest potential. It helps you build resilience, enhance emotional well-being, and transform your personal and professional life. Through our personalized coaching services and support, you'll learn to navigate life's challenges gracefully and confidently, fostering a deep connection with your true self.

Live Authentically and Joyfully

Mindful living is not just a practice; it's a way of being that empowers you to live authentically and joyfully. It's about creating a life that aligns with your deepest truths and dreams. Join us on this journey to embrace mindful living and experience its transformative power in every aspect of your life.



Tye brings a rich background of expertise and education:

  • Certified Mindfulness Coach

  • ICF-Accredited Transformational Life Coach

  • Certified Somatic Healing Practitioner

  • Bachelor of Metaphysical Science Degree

  • Doctoral Candidate in Holistic Life Coaching

  • Extensive training in Positive Psychology, Neurolinguistics, and Public Speaking



Here's How I Can Guide You to

Live Mindful, Successful, and Well

Mature Businesswoman
Hands in Prayer Pose
Sitting Meditation

Holistic Life





 Holistic life coaching goes beyond traditional life coaching methods, which are primarily focused on goal achievement. This experience centers on your overall well-being and personal growth as you progress toward achieving specific goals. As your coach, I’ll be with you every step of the way, guiding you through holistic changes that enhance your entire being—mind, body, and soul.  Together, we'll map out a holistic plan to achieve your goals, empowering you to take bold steps toward your dreams without sacrificing your well-being. Feel the joy of living authentically and fully aligned with your values and life vision.  Book your complimentary 30-Minute Aligned Success Session today.

Focused on self-exploration and self-evaluation, mindfulness coaching is designed to help you uncover the inner material and limiting beliefs that hinder your goal achievement and self-realization. As your mindfulness coach, I will guide you in evaluating your issues and identifying the beliefs that hold you back. You will learn to reinforce your authentic truth, recognizing that you are whole and complete just as you are. This powerful realization allows you to contain and embrace all aspects of yourself, fostering a deep sense of self-acceptance and inner peace.  Book your complimentary 30-Minute Aligned Success Session today.

Leverage the wisdom of your body with Somatic Coaching, a transformative approach designed to help you release stored tension, heal past traumas, and reconnect with your physical self in a profound and meaningful way. Imagine feeling truly at home in your own body, with a sense of freedom and ease that permeates every aspect of your life. As your somatic coach, I will guide you through powerful practices that awaken your body’s innate healing capabilities, fostering a deep sense of connection and well-being. Book your complimentary 30-Minute Aligned Success Session today.

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Empowered CEO

Private Coaching

Business Success is a journey, not just a strategy. It's about breaking through your fears, blocks, and internal resistance, feeling good, staying motivated, and enjoying the process. Empowered CEO is a unique coaching experience for new and early-stage women entrepreneurs. Imagine having a dedicated coach who understands your dreams and challenges and offers personalized guidance to help you thrive both personally and professionally.

Apply for 1:1 Private Coaching with Tye today.

Meditating by the Pool

Private Self
Immersion Retreat 

Small Group
Well-being Retreat

Indulge in a nourishing therapeutic individual retreat experience designed for tangible transformation and personal growth. This retreat addresses barriers to self-love and living true to yourself, helps you develop healthy self-care routines, equips you with techniques for effective self-regulation, and facilitates a deep and loving connection with yourself. Book your complimentary 30-Minute Aligned Success Session today.

Join us at Heal. Grow. Prosper. Retreat, a sanctuary where women come to unlock profound personal growth and lasting change. You'll dive into deep self-awareness through guided meditation, breathwork, and empowering workshops designed to foster emotional resilience and self-discovery. This retreat is a stepping stone to a more aligned and purposeful life, offering tools and strategies that extend well beyond our time together. Register HERE.

Need help determining how I can best support you on your journey?

Apply for your FREE Aligned Success Session

This dedicated time helps us build understanding and ensures our collaboration meets your needs. During this 30-minute session, we'll discuss the depths of your struggles, goals, and aspirations, and then I'll provide insights and feedback to help guide you. If we both feel aligned after speaking, I'll extend an invitation to work with you as your coach. Sounds good?


/ˈsɛlf kəˈnɛkʃən/  noun

Self-connection refers to the state or process of being deeply attuned to and understanding one's own emotions, desires, values, and thoughts.

See also: the secret to success without sacrificing yourself

Client Success Stories

Kearn Cherry3 - Brandi Stage2019 (1.jpg

From Doubt to $30K: How Tye Empowered My Sales Calls


"Before working with Tye, I struggled with confidently asking for the fees I knew my consulting services deserved. My hesitation in sales calls was holding me back from reaching my financial goals. However, after Tye's coaching, everything changed. In less than four months, I generated $30K in consulting fees and secured several ongoing clients. Now, I approach every sales call with unwavering confidence, fully aware of the value I bring to the table. Tye's guidance has truly empowered me to step into my worth and transform my business."

Kearn Cherry

Entrepreneur, Coach, Author, Speaker

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