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Tye's Signature Talks

Powerful Personal Branding for Coaches, Speakers, and Experts

Learn the power of building an authentic personal brand.  During this session with Tye you will discover the key elements of designing a personal brand that elevates your authority and distinguishes you from the crowd. 


Leave with clarity on what it takes to confidently communicate your value in a way that resonates with your audience and drives revenue online.

The Success Combination: Your Personal Code to Unlock A Dream Business & Life 

Want to know the secret to experiencing massive success in business and in life? What if I told you the secret is already within YOU!


Tye Miles, a Metaphysician & Business Coach will teach you how to crack the code to unlock your unique success combination that will empower you to achieve your goals with less fear and more confidence.  

Entrepreneurial Confidence for Success

The greatest limit to your business growth is your personal growth.  Each new level of success requires a new level of confidence. Belief in yourself and product directly impacts revenue, ultimately determining your bottom line.  


In this session, Tye will reveal the four essentials of entrepreneurial confidence critical to making an impact while enjoying sustainable success in business and life.

Validation: The Silent Killer of Success

Successful and accomplished women struggle with issues surrounding self-esteem and wanting the approval of others, too. Can you relate?  


This session is a personal development deep-dive focused on true empowerment through self-validation. Tye will share 10 proven steps to release the pressure to please people and protect your success while increasing self-confidence.  

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