FierceHER Woman “No Excuses” 90 Day Transformation Group Coaching 

If you’re on this page, I know that you thrive from your faith, crave self- expression and are ready to create breakthrough in your overall personal life, happiness and wellness. 

Whether you are seeking to connect more deeply with your true-self, increase your confidence to carry your bigger dreams, or find the courage to face your fears….. 


You are in the right place!

Maybe some of these sound familiar….

I feel unfulfilled on the inside despite my outward success and achievements. 

 I feel paralyzed by my fear of failure. 

I feel tired of not getting the results I want. 

 I feel trapped by the expectations of others for my life. 

I feel like I can’t express my true personality. 

I feel frustrated with settling for less than what I know is possible for my life. 

I feel tired of second guessing myself and goals.

I understand! I have been there myself!


I know what it feels like to have big goals and big dreams. Sometimes life feels like it is happening so fast and your goals appear to be getting further out of reach. Emotionally speaking, you may feel like a yo-yo --- up & down --- and it’s causing you to have doubt. You feel stuck, unmotivated, and uninspired. It seems like you are repeating the same cycles in life and just aren’t getting where you want to be. And truth be told, you don’t know how to clear the blockage and get out of your own way. If this sounds like you, then I assure you that you are exactly in the right place!

Clearing the blockage, increasing your confidence and moving you forward is my gift, my mission and my PURPOSE

I believe when you feel good about who you are, own your worth (personality, gifts, knowledge and life experience) and have the awareness that you are empowered by the God source within you to accomplish every desire in your heart – That’s when you are most powerful. The creative energy within you empowers you to face your fears and dreams so that you can finally build a life you truly love.

Imagine what’s possible for you when you:

✔ Overcome any obstacles between you and your goals.

Boldly accomplish your goals with realistic plans. 

 Finally place and keep you and your goals #1 in your life.

Honor and own your individuality. 

Connect deeply with the God within you

Experience a surge of energy and confidence to finally start that business, make the career change or attract that relationship.

So, if you’re ready to reconnect with your true-self, reenergize your spirit and experience transformation in your life, I invite you to apply for my upcoming group coaching program!

Check out what Marquita has to say:

Before working with Tye I struggled with a fear of failure, but I also realized the I had a greater fear of how life would change if I was successful. The what-ifs were at times a silent killer of my confidence. I started working with her when I realized that I was worth taking a chance on. I realized that if I was going to do my part in building my family's legacy --- I had to overcome my fear of failure and be held accountable.

Since working with Tye I have learned how to set attainable goals. Goals that feel good yet stretched me. Each small achievement was a bite sized victory. Over time, these little wins developed my confidence in expressing a creative side and hustle that has encouraged me in ways beyond entrepreneurship. I can honestly say that initially I felt like the bigger issue I faced was the business parts I didn’t understand, however, I now know that the inner work and the ability to accept who I am

was key to discovering that deep passion that keeps me connected to my goals! I have taken ownership of my expertise and launched my business on a greater level as a result of working with Tye.

Now that you have a better idea of what’s possible from our work,

let me share EXACTLY what you can expect when you join.

You’ll Be Empowered to:

Focus on You

Stand in your personal power by healing your need of approval and nurturing a better relationship with yourself through self-discovery. Identify the negative self-talk (mental noise) and energy sources that are holding you back and keeping you from sharing your truest self with the world.

Take Ownership

Assume full responsibility for your own success and protect your progress with an exclusive strategy that keeps you on track. Acknowledge any past traumas or wounds that might be sabotaging your progress and success. Identify and release any emotional baggage keeping you from getting what you desire in life. Learn how to reverse-engineer a plan of action to stay on track and continue to support your growth.

Get into Action:

Take inspired action with the confidence of knowing have a formula to craft realistic plans to achieve any goal you set. Learn how to craft plans that you can stick to and allows you to immediately start working towards your goals.

Feel the Power

Tap into your divine power and manifest your highest potential. Learn how to align yourself spiritually and naturally with your purpose through personalized affirmations and positive thought treatments that build you up on the inside so that you can show up in life, authentically you.

Embrace Support

Go further, faster with the comfort of knowing you are not alone, have my guidance and a community of like-minded women who sincerely care about your success. Experience what it feels like to be supported in a safe space, be vulnerable, and receive positive energy along the way of your personal transformation while accomplishing your life and business goals.

Ready to unleash your authentic self and transform your life?

To be apply for the upcoming group transformation program, simply schedule a complimentary “POWER Session” today. Due to the intimate nature of this program, space is limited and only those considered to be ready for level of personal/spiritual transformation will be accepted.